The Privateers are one of the best new entertainment acts to emerge out of the UK.

In little over a year they have excelled in the UK Cruise market. With a trail of positive audience reviews and sold out shows on ships around the world.

“The Privateers bring you a wondrous show of folk and shanty music in a rip-roaring, musical extravaganza. Light-hearted and laughter filled; these boys will leave you with a new passion for the old traditional. So sit back, grab a drink, and get ready for a night you won't forget”



8th April P&O Arcadia

20th April P&O Aurora

27th April P&O Britannia

4th May P&O Arcadia

11th May P&O Ventura

21st May P&O Arvia

29th May P&O Aurora

20th June P&O Azura

29th June P&O Iona

9th July P&O Ventura

14th July P&O Aurora

21st July P&O Arvia

3rd August P&O Iona

10th August P&O Ventura

18th August P&O Arvia

22nd August P&O Azura

8th Sept P&O Arcadia

20th Sept P&O Britannia

28th Sept P&O Iona

5th Oct P&O Ventura

17th Oct P&O Arvia

29th Oct P&O Aurora

15th Nov P&O Britannia

22nd Nov P&O Arvia

29th Nov P&O Britannia

7th Dec P&O Iona

17th Dec P&O Ventura

29th Dec P&O Arcadia